Artwork generative AI

Through the power of machine learning and algorithmic innovation, artwork generative AI is transforming traditional creative processes with its ability to produce unique and diverse outputs.

Copyright infringement & Ethic

With the rise of AI-generated artwork, the debate surrounding copyright infringement and ethical concerns is growing louder, challenging us to question the very nature of authorship and ownership in the digital age.

We need Legal generative AI!

As the use of generative AI in various industries continues to grow, developing legal frameworks and regulations around its use is essential for protecting intellectual property rights and ensuring ethical AI practices.

What is Copyrighted.AI

Protecting Intellectual Property in AI
Copyrighted.AI is a comprehensive framework designed to protect the rights and interests of creators, celebrities, and intellectual property owners in the age of AI. This innovative platform proposes new authorization terms for AI training to ensure ethical practices and allows creators to opt-in for both commercial and non-commercial use. Additionally, the platform provides licensed sources of ethical AI training for developers to continue their work while upholding intellectual property rights.

Artwork Generation AI

One Card for Every Problem
  • Give creators control over their work's use
  • Earn revenue from generative AI service providers
  • Transparent AI training authorization terms
  • Ethically source licensed AI training
  • Review generative AI licensing for regulatory compliance.

Joining Copyrighted.AI

Taking a proactive stance in protecting your digital assets! whether you're a creator, celebrity, or IP owner. With new technologies emerging every day, it's becoming increasingly important to stay ahead of the curve. By choosing to participate in Copyrighted.AI, you'll have access to cutting-edge frameworks that not only protect your rights, but also provide ethical guidelines for AI training. Furthermore, you'll have the ability to help shape the conversation surrounding AI and intellectual property rights. Together, we can create a brighter future for digital art and innovation.

Creator, celebrity, or IP owner

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